How EKOS.AI Is Cracking the Code to Networking

EKOS.AI is here to crack the code of networking, but to fully understand why this platform is such a game changer, AI expert Keith Lynn explores familiar pain points with old-school networking — and explains how we can reimagine them.

You’re in the last seminar of the day at a networking conference, and it’s dragging on. We’ve all been in this predicament a time or two in the past, but the future doesn’t have to include these unnecessary moments.

I sneak a peek at my mobile. Forty-three unread emails. Not bad. That’s maybe an hour of my evening playing catch up. My stomach lets out a rumble that interrupts my train of thought. What did I eat today? A few bites of a lukewarm egg from the hotel buffet and four… no five, cups of coffee? Not great, Keith. Not great.

The prospect of hors d'oeuvres is a slight relief, but overall, I am lamenting the impending networking session. I promised myself I’d be more extroverted this time. But let’s be real: I’m tired, I’m hungry, I have work waiting for me, and this just feels forced.

I make a pass around the room and not seeing an immediate entry point into the conversation, head toward the bar. I haven’t spotted any acquaintances, and I’m younger than most people. I’m not sure who’s who. There is lots of thinking, but not a lot of talking. Come on…this shouldn’t be so cerebral! With a drink in hand, I saddle up to a few groups and osmose my way into the conversation. It goes fine… but I’m leaving tired, not inspired.

I’ve spent over a decade working in Artificial Intelligence, Microelectronics, and Nanotechnology for the Aviation Industry. My job has taken me internationally in industries such as academia, health care, energy, even space. I’m good at creative problem solving; making a square peg fit in a round hole. My boss used to call me MacGyver (Google it, Gen Z). I’ve done my fair share of public speaking — conferences, interviews, television, you name it — never been a problem for me. But put me in a hotel banquet hall on an empty stomach and ask me to mingle… no, thank you.

There’s not much I enjoy more than a good conversation, but I’m not a true extrovert. I know those people; it ain’t me. I can become quite extroverted, but it’s more conditional than guaranteed. And despite 35 years of observation, I haven’t quite figured out what those magical conditions are. It seems to be beyond my control; sometimes things click, sometimes they do not. But I’m also a scientist, and not knowing things really ticks me off.

So here I am, writing a blog post for EKOS.AI. Why?

Two reasons.

First, I like the idea of using data and machine learning to “crack the code” of those magic conditions that transform me into a thriving extrovert. Not only is it a “mystery solved” fascination; I also like what EKOS lets you do once you’ve established those connections. EKOS helps me through the legwork of networking while freeing my energy for the things I enjoy most. I will get to my second reason, but let me break the first one down a bit more:

I enjoy events passively and still build my network.

Every event I attend, every post I like, every profile I follow adds to my virtual footprint, which EKOS.AI uses to match me with other participants. In other words, by simply existing on the platform, I am bringing myself closer to finding the right people for me. I love that I can watch a seminar in my pajamas, not say a single word, and still feel like I put in the work. It’s wonderful.

I get past intros quickly and start building.

EKOS.AI uses my virtual footprint to find high-potential collaborators and offers conversation starters to help grease the skids. With text, audio, and video options all available, it’s easy to find a medium where everyone’s comfortable communicating. After some chatting with some folks, we decide to launch our own event. Great! Now EKOS.AI is ready to help with recommendations on invitees, influencers, sponsors, and other collaborators that can elevate my message. Things can move from idea to structured events quite quickly! The platform has frameworks that make it easy to set up keynotes, panels, workshops; whatever format I want. Again, I can focus on doing what I love, instead of the logistics and marketing (sorry, if you’re someone who loves either of those).

When I meet people, they are people first.

One of the things I hate about professional networking is that everyone's status precedes them. When I am on EKOS.AI, I feel like I meet people first, then learn about their profession, credentials, and status. It feels much more personal. When I have a meaningful connection, I know it's because there’s synergy. There’s not an immediate “call to action” with everyone I meet, but I like these people enough to seek something out sometime down the road.

Ok, it's taken me a long time to get to my second point, but it’s an important one. The founder of EKOS.AI is an expert networker — with the ability to build relationships and maintain them. I met Melis Dural a few months ago and have been consistently impressed. If there’s anyone that can launch a company to improve our collective networking experience, it's her. And the fact that someone like her recognizes the need for change is even more encouraging.

If you’re as amped up about this platform as I am, join me in entering the waitlist today. Who knows? Maybe our paths will cross on EKOS.AI.

Head to EKOS.AI to join!

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